What changes in a home increase the value most dramatically?

Whether you’re interested in increasing your property value to sell now or to build on your investment when you look to move in the future, there are plenty of improvements that you can make. From adding a bedroom to renovating the kitchen, We Buy Any House have looked at how you can more dramatically increase your house value!

  1. Add another bedroom

Increasing the bedrooms that your home has to offer is one of the best ways that you can increase your house value, as it can add up to 20% which is an incredible amount. There are a couple of different ways you can add another bedroom to the house –

  • Extend the property to build another room
  • Convert space you’ve already got, like a loft or garage
  • Split a big room into two smaller ones.

You can choose which option is the best for you depending on the space you’ve got, your budget, and if you need planning permission to move forwards. Remember that while this is a great way to increase property value, it needs to be done properly otherwise you can end up devaluing your home – especially if you split a big room into two that are too small to class as bedrooms!

  1. Add parking

If you haven’t got a driveway, adding one can increase your value by up to 10%. Parking is an incredibly desirable addition to any home, and buyers will often be put off buying property that doesn’t offer adequate parking spaces.

Developing a driveway is a very popular choice for those looking to increase value as it can be much easier than extending, as well as being less expensive. It isn’t suitable for every property, however, so you’ll need to assess what space you’ve got and if it’s feasible – in areas that have a lot of on-road parking, a driveway will really stand out and get the attention of any buyer when you come to sell.

  1. Improve your garden

Garden space is always a popular feature in homes, but over the last year it’s switched from a desirable addition to an essential one for a lot of buyers. Being able to utilise open space throughout the lockdowns has made life a lot easier for a lot of people, so if you’ve got some garden space you should make the most of it.

You can increase your house value by between 5-10% by improving your garden; developing a seating area is a great option and is incredibly desirable. Spend some time de-weeding and tidying the garden and you’ll quickly see a big difference, and for homes that have a courtyard or balcony rather than a garden, you can see some value growth from improving these! Any outside space is valuable, and with some maintenance will contribute to your house value increasing.

  1. Renovate the kitchen

A new kitchen will completely transform any home, and when done well can add up to 10% to your property value. Older kitchens benefit even more from an update, especially in homes that haven’t had any work done for several years, and with the kitchen being the heart of so many homes, it’s easy to see why it’s such an effective update.

There are all sorts of trends that you can get inspiration from when you look to update your kitchen, so look at the space you’ve got now and try to decide what changes will make the most difference. If your room is a bit small, you can look to extend to make a more spacious area, and then develop a breakfast bar or an island which are very popular additions, especially in family homes.

By assessing your home as it is, you’ll quickly be able to see where improvements can be made to make the biggest difference – old-fashioned kitchens or bathrooms that haven’t been replaced for a decade are a great place to start, for example. See what will benefit you most, and start here – and it won’t take long for your property value to start growing!

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