CV writing

Having a great CV is essential when it comes to competing with other qualified candidates. Ensuring you are not falling for any of the following easy to make mistakes is vital if you want to be invited to job interviews.

  • Keep Your CV Up To Date

Having gaps in your CV can really be a deal breaker but this could be down to you simply forgetting to update your CV. You must keep your CV up to date, as missing out vital work experience can make you look under qualified for a job.

  • Be Descriptive

When outlining a previous employment or educational period, you should be including as much information as possible. You should be including your job role, duties, a brief description of the company and your personal input to the role. The more information you can pass over in a CV the less the recruitment agency/employer needs to ask you in an interview or phone call.

  • Include A Software Section

Most clients are looking for specific software experience. As well as outlining which software you have used at each job, there needs to be a section of your CV outlining all the software you have experience using. You should also make reference to which packages you are most comfortable with using. Including details of qualifications related to specific software is also very helpful.

  • Keep Your CV Relevant

Simply filling space on a CV is a no-no. Your CV needs to be relevant to the role you are applying to. If you have a variety of skills, making 3 or 4 CV’s geared towards different job roles is a great idea. It’s very easy to get carried away showing overall lifetime experience, but most employers are looking for specific skills related to the job role. For this reason, I would recommend even skipping out on previous unrelated positions so your CV looks direct and relevant.

  • Make Your CV Stand Out

Even as I am writing this, there are a few CV’s that stand out in my mind. For one reason or another, whether it be the colour of the page, or the portfolio attached or even a picture of the candidate, some CV’s stick in your mind. If your CV is one of those, a potential employer is more likely to remember your name when searching for a new candidate.
You could even try ringing up the recruitment agency or employer just to confirm receipt of the CV and introduce yourself. This leaves a lasting impression and shows commitment.