Building Information Modelling

One of the most up-and-coming, interactive tools available in Computer Aided Architecture Design of the 21st century is Building Information Modelling, or BIM.

CADagency has built up a network of BIM professionals all over the UK ranging from technicians to BIM coordinators. So with over 4 years experience recruiting for BIM roles we are sure to have suitable candidates on our internal database for your vacancy.

BIM is a multi-dimensional tool that allows designers, contractors and clients the opportunity to virtually realise their architecture designs without having to physically lift a single stone. It may look like an upmarket second life video game to the uninitiated, but through sophisticated programing incorporating all conceivable dynamics, BIM can be used to forecast a building’s life cycle and requirements from site planning to demolition.

Not just limited to calculating costs for labour and materials, BIM software integrates geographical information, light pattern analysis, internal and external geometry, and projected climate effects to allow the designer to plan for every possible condition or situation the building will have to function in. This allows substantial savings to be made in unnecessary materials and transportation, wasted labour, and reworking.


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BIM Specialism
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