Step Into The School Of Tomorrow

Global Indian International School in Singapore choose cutting-edge Silestone® and Dekton® surfaces for a futuristic finish.

The most promising young students of today deserve to learn in an environment engineered to maximize the potential of ultra-modern technology and facilitate every need on the triumphant path to tomorrow.

When the Global Indian International School were looking for a fresh interior design to fit the demands of their new technology-driven SMART campus, they turned to the innovative Silestone® and Dekton® surfaces from Cosentino Group for a world-class long-term solution.

A School with a Global Vision

Founded in 2002 in Singapore, the Global Indian International School (or GIIS) is rooted in the principle of nurturing the generation of today to become the leaders of tomorrow – not with the restricting curriculum found in most modern schools but focusing instead on creating holistic learning experiences designed to keep the students genuinely interested, happy, and productive.

GIIS now boasts an ever-growing number of campuses in seven countries including Malaysia, Japan, India and UAE, serving thousands of students from over 50 different nationalities.

But their original base and HQ of Singapore is to be the home of the new SMART campus, located in the developing digital district at Punggol and already dubbed ‘The School of the Future’.

GIIS were seeking interior spaces which would perfectly match the distinctive qualities of their educational services. A practical and dynamic approach was required, and Spanish family-owned company Cosentino were called upon to deliver the goods.

Beneath the Surfaces

Cosentino is the name behind the leading-edge surfaces that are providing fluid new solutions in interior design.

Silestone® is produced from more than 90% natural quartz. It’s a super-tough and durable surface, available in a wide mix of colours and textures. Crafted with easy maintenance and supreme hygiene in mind, it’s an ideal fit for a busy learning environment in need of a vibrant and colourful interior which won’t cause a huge headache when someone inevitably spills a drink.

Dekton® is a similarly robust surface which is resilient to accidental stains and can be very easily cleaned. Although it comes packed with unique properties for indoor applications, it’s also a smart choice for outdoor surfaces as it’s resistant to the sun’s rays, hot and cold temperatures, and even contact with water.

Singapore-based Architects Team 3 were commissioned to undertake the interior design project for the huge labyrinth campus, creating distinctive themes based on different elements of nature and the continents.

The versatile surfaces helped to shape the subtle distinctions of every unique space, creating an expressive and animated environment grounded on the foundation of functionality.

The eclectic variety of Silestone® colours produced vivid flooring patterns for common shared spaces including the entrance lobby and corridors and played a vital role in establishing the different colour schemes of the grand design.

Dekton® was used in other areas such as the main reception, creating a highly-polished look and feel which really comes to life when the hexagonal lighting hits the marbled texture flooring.

“The infrastructure was designed to cater to GIIS vision of a unique, one-of-a-kind school which uses latest technology and modern facilities to provide a holistic, skill-based pedagogy to the students,” reveals Architects Team 3 representative Ms Shivali Singh.
“Using versatile and quality materials like Silestone® and Dekton® surfaces, we brought out the vision of having individual and collaborative spaces that are conducive to NextGen and holistic learning.”

Fusing style and youthful spirit with durability and easy maintenance, it looks as if the gifted students of the Global Indian International School are fortunate enough to have been provided with the smartest solution to a conducive learning environment.

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