3D AutoCAD Technician

Ref: AA2
  • Job sectors:
      • Rights of Light
  • CAD software:
      • AutoCAD 3D
  • Experience:
    • Experience creating 3D AutoCAD solid models of commercial buildings
    • Experience creating window size, window recess, window overhands
  • Salary: £25,000 - £35,000
  • Location: ,

Job description

Creating highly accurate and realistic 3D AutoCAD models in solids of development sites and surrounding buildings for use with in-house analysis software. You must be able to manage projects while working to deadlines and within budgets, communicating regularly with surveyors and architects.


  • Experience using 3D AutoCAD on a commercial scale
  • A methodical and dedicated work ethic

Job Description

You will be working in the Rights Of Light department. A large part of the work is doing very accurate 3D AutoCAD models of existing sites, their surrounding neighbours and the new proposed buildings which is inevitably bigger and taller. Sometimes you model based on measured surveys sometimes from architects 2D drawings with the addition of photos, site visits, overhead photography and whatever other information can be collated. Colours, roof and brick detail are not as important as presentation – that the modelling is done simply in solids (not wire frame). But accuracy is the most important factor as the exact distance between buildings, window size, window recess, window overhands are vitally important. You will also have to do internal layouts of the buildings.

You will be taught how to run and use the proprietary software which works with AutoCAD to measure the light going into each room in each building, and measures light in 4 different ways. Running the analysis then means production of excel spreadsheets which shows the difference between current light levels and levels with the proposed new buildings. This information gets passed back to the surveyors who then decide on a strategy doing forward for the clients on how to deal with the matter – depending on how great the light loss is and all sorts of other legal and geographic factors too.

So you will be very much working within others’ designs and existing building models. But the exciting part is that you do get to work on 3D models of most major new buildings across London. Our clients advice can have significant impact on whether these can go ahead in the way architects plan or not, whether they need to make changes to help address any light issues.