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With the constant advancements in the world of design and construction, it is vital to keep up to date with the latest systems. The current popularity of the Tekla system means that designers proficient in this software are in high demand.

Tekla’s Building Information Modelling systems include the Tekla Structures software, which  is used for detailing steel or concrete constructions, pre-cast or cast in-situ. Growing from a simple steel fabrication tool, Tekla Structures now allows the designer to create 3D structural models and manage them through the entire construction process, all the way from concept to completion.

Tekla BIMsight is an advanced modelling application that be used to coordinate different construction projects and deal with any potential clash or conflict issues. Tekla BIMsight is an important tool for project collaboration, it is able to import models from other applications using IFC, DWG, DGN, PDF and many other formats to help avoid design and constructibility problems.

All of Tekla’s latest software has been designed with the goal of interoperability and cooperation with different systems very much in mind. Which means it is now more important than ever that designers and CAD technicians are also experienced with the varying systems being used these days.

As CADagency specialises in recruiting for CAD positions, we make certain that our recruitment staff are familiar with all CAD and BIM systems, and this enables them to ensure our candidates have the right skills to match the most precise requirements.

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Our recruitment process

We have spent the last 8 years building a comprehensive database of experience CAD professionals. From Graduates through to Directors we have spent the time to speak to each candidate and build a full profile. We are always advertising and growing our database and ensuring the information we have is up to date.

To ensure our candidates are up to the task we gather portfolios of work and do CAD tests to understand their skillset better. Understanding CAD software gives us an advantage to be able to speak about complex aspects of the software and how it is used.

Once we start the search for your CAD role we initially speak to the candidates on our internal database who match the skills required. These are candidates we understand and know their requirements too. Once we have a potential match we gather suitable portfolio drawings and send a full profile through along with their CV. 

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