Keeping Active With A Desk Job

With research concluding that sitting for prolonged periods can be as harmful as smoking the importance of keeping active with a desk job has never been more apparent. The risk is not resolved with regular evening exercise rather ensuring that you are active during the day too.

Most of us will relate to sitting at a desk for more than 6 hours a day and only standing to make a cup of tea. There are some costly solutions such as treadmill desks but the cost and space constraints can be off-putting for smaller businesses. I thought I would do some research and put together a few quick and easy exercises you can do at your desk with little effort and maximum benefits.

  1. When faced with the option of taking the lift or walking up 5 flights of stairs the choice is simple, but this is one of the easiest and best ways to keep active. Walking those extra 3 minutes seriously adds up and stairs get the heart pumping.
  2. Most of us are far to attached to our mobile phones and our bosses hate it. This can be a great opportunity for keeping active and keeping the boss happy. Leave your mobile phone at the other end of the office. This way if you get an (important)  phone call during the day you have to get up to answer it.
  3. Everyone loves tea and offering to make the next round will get you some brownie pots and get you up from the desk. Easy.
  4. Basic exercises can provide quick boosts to your productivity, concentration and health. Simply jumping up and down on the spot simulating a skipping rope motion or squatting every 15 minutes can have some huge advantages. Research has also found 30 seconds of high intensity exercises such as press ups to be as effective as a cup of coffee for getting your focus on.
  5. The source of this health problem is sitting so why not simply stand at your desk. If your on the phone speaking to a client why not take the call standing, maybe walk around your desk a few times. You won’t exactly wear yourself out.

Now I must mention, most of the health risks associated with sitting for prolonged periods are not just weight related, these issues apply to everyone regardless of body weight. Keeping active though will also burn a few extra calories and could result in weight loss.