Freelance CAD Recruitment

We know how important freelance CAD technicians are to small businesses. Whether your business is in engineering, architecture or design freelance CAD technicians can ensure your business remains profitable, flexible and able to compete in your marketplace. This is why recruiting the right candidate for a freelance position is vital to your businesses success. Here at CAD agency we specialise in recruiting for freelance CAD positions. This has allowed us to gain the vital experience with understand the requirements surrounding job roles in this ever growing field.

We know each vacancy comes with its own set of timescales and software recruitments and we know you don’t want to spend hours looking through irrelevant CV’s. We are here to take that pressure off you and allow you to focus on your business. We shortlist candidates and only send through candidates that match the job descriptions so you don’t end up sifting through piles of CV’s.

We also contact candidates references and arrange interviews if they are required. With our streamline process its not hard to see why we have gained such a powerful market position in the nice CAD recruitment sector.

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