Creo Recruitment Agency

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CADagency are a specialist recruitment agency catering to the CAD industry. We have helped hundreds of small and medium sized businesses recruit experienced and qualified CAD technicians and engineers. We have helped businesses in industries such as;

  • Oil & Gas
  • Architectural
  • Engineering
  • Product development
  • Manufacturing
  • Heating
  • Electrics

When it comes to catering for the individual needs of each CAD business our extensive database of candidates helps us place the right candidate in the right positions. We use a technology called Smart Tagging to select relevant candidates based on;

  • Location
  • Salary
  • Expertise
  • Experience

This is why choosing CADagency for your next vacancy will save you time and money. We take no upfront payments and rely on 100% customer satisfaction.

PTC’s Creo was developed as an easy to use 3D software for CAD technicians. For too long CAD capabilities were simply out of reach for most beginners until Creo was developed. Since then Creo has been used as a bridge into CAD by thousands. Many businesses embraced the user friendly setup making it a popular choice for small architectural businesses.

Since being first developed, Creo has come a long way, it is now just as capable as some of the big software names out there and has a niche group of technicians that have experience using the more in-depth aspects.

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