CATIA Recruitment Agency

Here at CADagency we have specialised in recruitment for CAD technicians and engineers. By specialising in this niche market we have ensured that our clients can take full advantage of our expertise. We have a database of candidates and use Smart Tagging to ensure we can find the most suited candidates for each position based on location, expertise and salary. We have built CADagency with the sole purpose of ensuring our clients can take on new members of staff with the least amount of hassle. For this reason we pre-qualify all our candidates and ensure we only forward relevant CV’s to employers.

We check our candidates qualifications and expertise against job descriptions, as well as locations to ensure the most suitable CV’s are forwarded. For this reason we have earned a reputation freeing up employers desks from piles of irrelevant CV’s that take so much time to sift through.

With the thousands of possibilities made possible all the way through a design and development process, CATIA has become one of the most well known CAD programs on the market. From building bridges to building cars, everything is made possible with CATIA.

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