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CAD Design Engineer

Ref: AA22
  • CAD Software: For this role you will need to be proficient in both AutoCAD and SolidWorks and be fully comfortable converting drawings between one and the other.
  • Experience: You will need to have worked in an engineering capacity, where you have extensive knowledge of working with draft and manufacturing drawings, BOM, renderings, component libraries, sub-assemblies, MRP and a general familiarity with the systems and implementations used in an engineering and manufacturing environment.
  • Salary: £30000 - £35000
  • Location: ,

Job Description

Our client is a leading provider of service, plant and welfare equipment to the construction industry. They manufacture a very wide range of equipment, ranging from storage cabins to drip trays to wheel washers, to fully equipped welfare transit vans. They have been in the industry for 25 years and have excellent relationships with their clients, as they provide a high level of service and can produce highly customised solutions for their clients on a rapid turnaround basis.

They are currently looking to hire a CAD engineer to carry out the following functions:

  • Translate/reverse engineer/undertake detailed surveys of our physical products (including all dims) to enable conversion to drawings
  • Produce manufacturing quality drawings for all units (and manufactured components)
  • Produce drawings for customer sign off
  • Link associated BOM to drawings
  • Generate detailed component, sub-assemblies and general assembly drawings
  • Create simple renderings to accompanying drawing packs
  • Create, manage and write processes/procedures for Drawing Control and Management (ISO9001)
  • Have input into design meetings and support Sales teams during quoting and tendering
  • Have a very good understanding of SolidWorks and be able to convert/translate these into AutoCAD. Also essential is the knowledge of:
    • Assemblies
    • BOM’s
    • Component Libraries
  • Be responsible for CAD Management and CAD manual implementation to control the workflow process
  • Understanding of MRP (although not currently used at this site, it will be essential for future growth of the business)

Alongside these tasks you may also be asked to draw up site plans for the company’s existing premises and assist with the design of potential other facilities and sites.

These functions are part of the company’s newly implemented strategy for expansion, for which they need to consolidate all CAD processes and components. This will allow all engineers full access to all the information they need the moment they need it, and allow the company to work in a nimbler, smoother and overall improved fashion.

This is a position with a lot of potential. As the central CAD officer for this company you will become intimately familiar with all its products and internal processes, and therefore be perfectly placed to become the main CAD manager when the client proceeds to expand its CAD facility further.